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The Financial Journey

Stages of

The Financial Planning Journey

We take the complexity out of wealth management to give you simplified financial solutions no matter what stage of life you are in and what goals you want to achieve. We offer an individualized, custom, and easy to follow “road map” to guide you on your journey.


Your lifestyle, aspirations, and goals are paramount components in creating a plan for you and your loved ones. What works for one client may not be suitable for anyone else.

Our Financial Planning Process is broken down into two steps.

Step ONE

Lifestyle Analysis

We begin the process of developing our relationship with an in-depth conversation about you, the client, and your past, present, and future (intended) lifestyle.

This is your time to establish who you are and who you want to become. Your interests and habits directly influence your earning and spending habits, so how could a proper financial plan be developed without understanding these key components?

Where You
Have Been

We ask about your past in order to understand your present and future better.


For example, we provide different financial advice for someone working in a job where he or she has become burnt out and does not feel the current position can continue much longer versus someone who is in a career that he or she would never want to leave. The financial plans will be quite different in the end. 


Are you in an industry which is growing rapidly and where your skills are in high demand? Or, are you finding your job description becoming obsolete? 


As financial advisors, we analyze trends throughout the economy and are at the forefront of sharing that data with our clients so they make better informed decisions in all aspects of their lives.

The Current

Understanding your current situation allows us the opportunity to give you the best financial planning advice. This does not mean it won’t change in the future, but it gives both a strong foundation to support your evolving financial plan.


Knowing your current income sources, debt level, and what you are currently experiencing are all important factors as this information provides us with a snapshot of what is happening now.


Goals can change. The future is not set in stone. However, knowing what your current future goals are can help us collaborate with you and plan your course.


One of the questions we find us asking at this point is:


 “What is your ideal vision for the future and how can we help you manifest those goals?”

Step Two

Your Financial Planning Future

In this second part of our process, we talk about your financial planning future. Topics include:


    • Income Evaluation
    • Spending and Budgeting Concerns
    • Handling Risks
    • Any Potential Changes in Life
    • Managing Taxes
    • Social Security and Pension Planning
    • Addressing the Abundant Life We Endeavor to Help you Create

Now that we understand more about you and your life, we can better map out how your finances can help you reach your future goal. We will also look at any risks with you and review scenarios with different outcomes.


Life is ever changing so why would your financial plan be static? We are always ready to adapt to fit a new goal or to maintain course towards the same goal.


You don’t have to do it alone, Simplified Wealth Management is ready to partner with you on your financial journey.

Which Life Stage Do You Belong To?

Where are you on your financial journey? See which stage best describes your current situation.

Welcome to Adulthood! These first years of starting your career can be a whirlwind and we are here to help keep your excitement growing while eliminating financial stress. Let us do the forward thinking and help you contemplate the next 40 plus years with you!

Establishing a family literally births many joys, responsibilities and even stressors. We want you to enjoy each day with your family and not worry about the future. With the proper financial planning and execution, you and your family can enjoy financial security!

Are you preparing to retire and wonder if you have made the proper plans? Are you wondering when is the best time to take your Social Security? Do you have an income tax strategy to maximize your retirement income? Let us take a look at your current plan and help you achieve future financial peace.

A wise person obtains second opinions. You get second opinions from doctors for your health strategy, why not get a second opinion from us for your finances? We utilize a plethora of tools to play out the various economic scenarios in order to maximize your wealth. Allow us to run an analysis on your current financial plan in order to see if we can improve it and make your wealth last even longer.

For singles in charge of their own investment strategies. You are in charge of your life. You make the income and you create the budget. It is you that pays the mortgage or rent. And your income alone determines your retirement options. Unrestricted by tradition, you get to handpick your heirs. You are a researcher and you will make the final decision as to whom you’ll partner with in helping you build your wealth. With a trusted advisor you can obtain a sounding board and a fiduciary that will stay with you to guide you in the right direction.